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Scott & White Employees Credit Union in 2401 South 31st Street

Scott & White Employees Credit Union in 2401 South 31st Street, Texas: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.



2401 South 31st Street,
Temple, Texas
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+1 254-778-3199

Opening hours Scott & White Employees Credit Union: Closed now

Tomorrow: 09:00 am — 05:00 pm

09:00 am — 05:00 pm
09:00 am — 05:00 pm
09:00 am — 05:00 pm
09:00 am — 05:00 pm
09:00 am — 05:00 pm

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Customer Reviews about Scott & White Employees Credit Union:

  • The folks at SWECU have treated me with nothing but kindness and respect. Any problem was frequently a mistake I made and they have kindly helped me overcome the issue. I would highly recommend this credit unio
    By Karen Summers, September 22, 2017
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    These people are pieces of excrement and know it. My family has banked with SWECU for decades and over the last few years, we have had nothing but trouble with them. After several "second chances" for them to get themselves together, today was the LAST straw. Numerous times we would make payments on loans or make deposits to accounts but the dummies would credit payment to the wrong account and then charge late fees, so we would then waste our time calling to straighten out their mistake. After this happened a few times in a row, we would call to make sure our payments were getting posted correctly, only to be charged for our inquiries (REALLY?! We wouldn't have to call if they did their job correctly the first time. I guess calling and checking in is really eating up your time, which is why we charged for phone inquiries... Guess we should have been charging SWECU for the phone calls we made to get our accounts straightened out after the fouled them up). Today, my mother took off work to drive to Temple and talk to some one face to face. Her debit card hadn't been working over the weekend, although there was money in the account. Luckily, she banks elsewhere, too so she wasn't in a real bind, just annoyed. When I called SWECU at the end of August to find out how much I had left to pay off my car, I was told an exact amount. To which I followed up with, "How long is that amount good for?", knowing that interest could be potentially accrued between the call and the check arriving in the mail AND that I would be charged for this inquiry. I was told "10 days". I mailed the check the next day. Turns out, the loan accrued $0.13 (13 cents) and because of that, they put her account in as "insufficient funds". Instead of taking out the 13 cents from the account that they listed as insufficient funds (which there was plenty of money in), they deactivated the debit card. Seriously? Take the 13 cents out of what you are charging phone inquiry, or the bank account that is linked to the car loan, or better yet - if I was there this morning with her, you could have done the following: I would have asked for 13 cents out of the account, walked to the restroom, taken a crap and then tossed the 13 cents in the bowl, gone back to a teller and told them they could go fish their 13 cents out and point to the restroom door. Good job, SWECU! You've sealed the deal, we are THROUGH. Glad I didn't OVERPAY on my loan cause I'm sure getting my money back from you now would be a real joy.
    By Don't Mess, March 11, 2017
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About Scott & White Employees Credit Union in Temple

Scott & White Employees Credit Union is business services based in Texas.
Scott & White Employees Credit Union is located at 2401 South 31st Street, Temple, Texas. You can find Scott & White Employees Credit Union opening hours, address, driving directions and map, phone numbers and photos. Find helpful customer reviewsand write your own review to rate the business service.

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